Our Story

Rainbow Labels was founded when a mother with her two sons in Canada came across a product that she feels was really useful - personalized name labels. Those labels saved her lots of time and energy from searching her son’s personal items in daycare. Regular labels are not waterproof and can easily peel off. Though she found a few stores sell personalized water proof labels, but the labels were not quite what she was looking for. She wants labels with good quality but affordable price, she does not want to purchase huge quantity of labels with same type of design.

After her own research, Rainbow Labels was founded in 2016 in her basement. In order to find a balance between quality, afford-ability, she tested different labels from several manufactures in different country and eventually established her current label printing system. Striving to offer the best customer value, she decides to build and run the business on her own. She did everything from scratch-web designing, promoting, printing, mailing… Even with her two little ones around, she still able to make this impossible job a possible mission.

Now Rainbow Labels carry hundreds of products suitable for different locations, different purpose and people of different age. Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with the very best, cutest and affordable labels in the market.